• Unlocking your iPhone

    If your iPhone is locked then I have just the right software for you.

    Before you download the software you need to fulfill the two condition mentioned below

    1. The iPhone or the iPhone Touch that you have must be updated to 3.0
    2. Your phone must include iTunes 8.2

    The software that you are about to download is ultrasn0w 1.2 which is compatible with windows xp and vista.

    Now here is what you have to do once you have downloaded the software

    1) Connect your Computer to your iPhone or the iPhone Touch.
    2) Run the software ultrasn0w
    3) Once redsn0w opens click the browse and search for the 3.0 update
    4) Click on the next button.
    5) Hold the power and the home button together and slide it so that power is turned off.
    6) Click on the next button.
    7) Choose the option that you prefer. For instance if you are choosing Cydia the select Cydia.
    8) Click on the next button.
    9) Hold power button for at least 3 seconds, then hold power button and home button for at least seconds, and then let go of power button and continue to hold the home button for 30 seconds.
    10) Wait till the entire process is complete.
    11) Congrats! your phone is unlocked.
    12) Once you have finished you need to install Appsync. You can download it here.

    Here is the Phone Unlocking Software: Download

    Let me know if you have any doubt.

    If you have downloaded a game of incorrect resolution then alter the resolution according to your desire by the help of this link:

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