• Review of the Samsung S5600 Preston

    If you though that Tocco Lite is one of the best models from Samsung then you are not entirely wrong. The Samsung S5600 Preston model from Samsung is an expensive imitation of the Tocco Lite. The model has been launched as an upgrade of the Tocco Lite and has all the features which Tocco Lite has. Apart from having all the features of Tocco Lite the phone also has GPS, 3G HSDPA and an improved camera when compared to the Tocco Lite. The model is available in two colour variants white and black.

    The phone which was launched in May this year has many features of both Samsung i8910 and the Tocco Lite. You must be aware that Tocco Lite is one of the highest selling model of the company and the S5600 Preston has been brought out to capture on the popularity of the Tocco Lite. When compared to the Tocco Lite the screen size of S5600 Preston is smaller which is a negative. The camera of the S5600 Preston comes with a flash and is video calling enabled. It includes some features of the Tocco Lite such as the music player and FM radio.

    The phone is so similar to the Tocco Lite model that it becomes difficult to differentiate between the phones. The S5600 Peterson has an 80 MB of inbuilt memory which can be extended up to 2 GB. The phone weighs a mere 92 grams but has a low battery life of just 3 hours.

    If you are tired of your Tocco Lite model buy this phone and be happy, as you have paid more to get a similar phone. For smart people I would suggest you search for some other model or buy a new Tocco Lite.

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