• Share your Screen over Bluetooth (App)

    ScreenShareS60 allows sharing pictures or showing a demo of the latest S60 software application you installed on your phone. Show details by moving a special arrow pointer. In camera mode ScreenShareS60 allows you to take and share pictures of documents, objects, your computer screen, or turns your phone into a genuine phonecam for remote vieving of moving images.

    ScreenShareS60 is easy to use. Screensharing can be set-up in three easy steps:

    Start bluetooth on the master phone
    Connect slave phone to the master phone
    Start screensharing
    Screensharing can be stopped to show some detail on the picture by moving an arrow pointer around with the joystick.

    It is possible to send screens in different sharing modes (continuous, interval or single mode) and in a variety of qualities and formats (High, Text, Pictures and Low), set delay and interval times, customize the notification message (visual message and/or tone), configure the shortcut keys and specify memory location, directory name and file name when saving a screen.

    List of features:

    Screen and camera mode
    Configurable shortcut keys
    High, Text, Pictures and Low quality modes
    JPEG format with gradual quality setting 1 to 100
    Continuous, interval or single mode
    Configurable shortcuts
    Auditive or visual start/stop notification
    Save screen image to a file
    Customize memory location, directory and file name
    View last sent screen
    Support for high resolution phones
    Select 1st or 2nd camera
    Possibility to deactivate shortcuts
    Send ScreenShareS60 to the background


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