• Pop superstar - Road To Celebrity

    You're a wanna-be singer in a reality TV show searching for the music industry's next big star. Your mom parties a little too much,

    your romantic interest is tired of you putting your career first, and one of your fellow contestants is out to get you. Manage to cope with all the satirical situations and amusing personalities, and you'll be on your way to a successful career. Generate a loyal fan base using tricks of the trade, play up to the 24/7 camera crew following you, record an album worthy of large concert halls, and basically do whatever it takes to reach global music stardom.
    Create your wannabe star from hundreds of possible avatars & join the mobile, reality TV adventure!
    A humorous scenario with witty dialog delivers the best of music reality TV situations.
    A smart dialog system that actually adapts your conversation to the specific situation.
    A perfectly rendered reality TV show atmosphere, reusing all the gimmicks of the genre!
    Tons of fun activities: Perform live shows, meet stars & make them your friends, and much more!
    Enjoy moving freely in a total of 38 different locations, divided into 10 environments.


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