• Change your Startup-animation ONLY FOR HACKED Phones

    Here's how you could change your Startup animation.
    YES! It's the way to get rid of the shaking hands!

    - First Enable CAPS OFF
    - Use FileBrowser and go to Z:\resource\apps
    - Copy the startup.mbm and the rsc file corresponding to your installed language (*.r01 = english, *.r03 = german, etc.) to C:\resource\apps
    - Now browse to C:\resource\apps and press '8' on the startup.rXX file. Now you have the hex view of the file.
    - Scroll down to line 000050
    - change hex value '5A' which stands for 'Z' to '43', which will be 'C'.
    - After saving the file, on boot, device will look in C:\resource\apps for the Startup.mbm and use it!.

    This combined with rol@N95d's Startup-sound trick
    Will make also your Phonestart unique!

    Here's the Startup I use on my N82

    So people start creating individual Startup.mbms

    Note :
    You can open the mbm file with MBM wizard or the great MBMtool.
    Then just use some graphics programm like GIMP or Photoshop to create your pictures.

    If you want to make an animation use gif animator or image ready.
    Create an animation (gif) with 21 single pictures. Use the export option in the software to
    save all 21 pictures as bitmap.
    then put the pictures in the MBM and save it with at least /c16


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