• Changing the resolution of JAVA Appz/Games

    One of the few problems with having a phone with a nice big display is that many games do not display full screen. No problem! It's an easy fix that anyone can do and you'll be running full screen games on your phone in no time.Note: This will work about 95% of the time on S60 3rd edition phone models. I have not tested it on other models but feel free. This will not work on phones with a landscape screen (E series). This will work with any MIDlet by the way, not just games.Guide

    1. Using an archiver such as WinRAR, open the jar file

    2. Once you have opened the jar, you will see a folder called 'META-INF'. Open this folder

    3. In the META-INF folder there will be one file called 'MANIFEST.MF'. Drag this file onto your desktop and open it in notepad.

    4. Now you must know 2 things to edit the file. First, you must know the original resolution of the game. Ususally this information can be found on the author's website. Second, you must know the resolution of your screen. Then type the following two lines at the end of the text in the MANIFEST.MF file:
    Nokia-MIDlet-Original-Display-Size: www,xxxNokia-MIDlet-Target-Display-Size: yyy,zzzIn the example above 'www,xxx' represents the original resolution of the game. 'yyy,zzz' represents the resolution of your phone's display.In the picture example below, the original game resolution is 176x208 and the target resolution of my screen (N80) is 352x416.

    5. Now save the changes in the MANIFEST.MF file and drag it back into the META-INF folder in your jar file to overwrite the old one.

    6. That's it! Now install the jar to your phone and enjoy your full screen game...

    Video Tutorial of this:

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  1. jnll94@yahoo.com.sg says:

    I just want to ask you if this can also be used on sony ericsson phone instead of nokia phones only.

    Can you reply back to my email? :D

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'll try this later. ty

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